​Myers Twin Rig

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​" Jigs and swimbaits not included"

​Shown fully rigged


​​​Custom Lure Painting

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"​Jig and swimbait not included"

The Myers Twin Rig is another very versatile bait. Fish anywhere you would fish a spinnerbait. Steep gravel banks, slow rolling ledges, grass edges. Any where. Tip with your favorite jig heads and swimbaits, or your favorite craw. The possibilities are all up to you.

Shown fully rigged


Myers Twin Spin

​Twin Rig

Fish the Myers Twin Spin deep or shallow. Around grass edges, shallow banks. Any where you fish a spinnerbait. Tip with your favorite Jig head and soft plastic swimbait. The uses are endless. Bend spinner wires up and out at 45 degree angle and bait wire down slightly. Start fishing. The bass have never seen anything like it.

​              Twin Spin