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​​​Custom Lure Painting


Hawg Chow Custom Baits​​ specializes in custom painting hard bait lures. I offer my own original colors, or I can produce any color requested by the customer. Just send me a good picture or a pattern bait and I will take care of the rest. I believe in a quality paint job at a reasonable price. Hawg Chow  ​is based in middle TN. and all pattern testing is done on Ky. Lake, one of the premier lakes in this part of the country. I spend a lot of time testing colors thru out the year and have colors that produce and some that don't. The ones that don't, the customer never sees. New colors are an ongoing addition to the website, so stop back by and see what's new. If you have an idea or a special color pattern you want to see come alive, then drop an email or give me a call. And remember; Wear your flotation device when the big motor is running.

​                                                       "See you on the water"