Green Tomato

Green Craw

​T-Bone Shad

Red Craw's

Gizzard Shad

Even More Green Tomatoes

Tennessee Pickle



My partner Pro Staffer Mark Talbert and I won the first Tennessee Buddy Fishing Club tournament Sunday 2-26-17 with a three fish limit of 13lbs and big fish with an 8lb 3oz tank. The Bleedin Gizzard Shad, on a 2.5 sq bill got the job done. Get you'rs today.

Smoky Joe


Rainbow Trout


Very old topwater baits

​Strike King series 4's done in series 5 colors.

Sexy Shad

Royal Red

Shower blows- Custom Colors

Old rebel WeeR's and Rapala's refurbished.

​Green Camo

Ghost Red Craw

More Green Tomatoes

​​Bleedin Gizzard Shad

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​Bleedin Gizzard Shad

Green Tomato

Live Target Baitball Series


Gizzard Shad

Rayburn Red

Trolling motor hubs.

Bone & Silver Vixen

​Finished 4th in the third TBFC tournament of the year with big fish of 6.84 lbs. Was a tough and windy day.


Rayburn Red

1940's Creek Chub Darters



​Old Hellbender redone.

​Chart. Sexy

Red Oxide Craw

​Customer Requests

Bone Blow's


Green Tomato

Citrus Shad


Strike King red eye shad repaints

Demon Craw


​Chart.Real Shad

(New Color) ​Cracked Pepper Shad

Bandit blanks

Just Red

Chart. Ghost

Bone and Silver. 

Hawg Chow Custom Baits would like to congratulate Glen Harbin and Brad Street on there win of the Hamilton Machine (Employee Club Tournament) 8/15/16 on Old Hickory lake in middle Tn. 12.12 lbs and big fish also. Keep up the good work guys!!!

Bandit Flat Max

​Old original WIGGLE WART colors

​​​Custom Lure Painting

Sexy Shad


Castaic Boyd Duckett BD Glide in Tennessee Herring

Glimmer Shad

Bucca Bull Shad

Jitter bug's and Hulla popper

Lucky Craft LVR D-30RT

​#4 Shad raps

"JP" Bad Bass

Brown Craw's

Rat Bait

​Menhaden or Pogi

​Tournament winning color.


Hawg Chow Chart. Gold Shad

Green Tomato

​Strike King 1.5F in Green Tomato

Chart Shad

​Silver Foil Blow's