​Shipping Fees

​Minimum Order (5) Baits

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Please contact me to discuss pricing before shipping.

​​​Custom Lure Painting

Payment by check or money order. Make out to ​JOHN HAWKS.               Work will not start until payment is processed.             


​Pricing Info

5 to 15 baits-                                                $ 7.00

16 to 30 baits-                                              $ 9.00

31 or more-                                                   Free Shipping

Hawg Chow patterns-                              $13.00 e​ach                                        

Customers patterns-                                $13.00 each

Large stick baits /swim baits-                  $15.00 each  

Foiled Baits /standard sizes-                    $18.00 each

Foiled swimbaits/ large stick baits-         $20.00 each

Added charge for removing hardware:- split rings, hooks -     $ 2.00 each

Call for Bulk discounts

​Myers Twin Spin-                                         $14.00 each

​Myers Twin Rig-                                            $14.00 each