​​​Custom Lure Painting



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​Shipping instructions

Please remove all hooks and split rings before shipping.​

​Added Charge: ($2.00) per bait for hardware removal.

If we are painting more than one pattern, please put baits in separate zip lock bags and label with pattern chosen.

Remember that all old battle scars can't totally be removed, but  I think you will be pleased with the results.

If using your pattern, please send a good quality picture or pattern bait. Please label bait as pattern piece. Would not want to paint the wrong bait by mistake. Add instructions for work to be done.

Please contact me to confirm pricing before shipment. My info is on the contact page.

Please include: name, ph #, and or email address along with return address, pattern, payment, including shipping fees to address below.

Ship items to:

​Hawg Chow Custom Baits

​102 Cecil St.

Dickson Tn. 37055

(615) 712-1638