My partner Pro Staffer Mark Talbert and I won the first Tennessee Buddy Fishing Club tournament Sunday 2-26-17 with a three fish limit of 13lbs and big fish with an 8lb 3oz tank. The Bleedin Gizzard Shad, on a 2.5 sq bill got the job done. Get you'rs today.

Smoky Joe

Chart Shad

Green Tomato

Green Craw

​Old original WIGGLE WART colors


Red Oxide Craw


Shower blows- Custom Colors

Just Red

​Chart.Real Shad

Gizzard Shad

Gizzard Shad

Sexy Shad

Hawg Chow Chart. Gold Shad

Chart. Ghost

​Strike King 1.5F in Green Tomato

Strike King red eye shad repaints

Demon Craw

​T-Bone Shad

More Green Tomatoes

​Green Camo

​Menhaden or Pogi

​​Bleedin Gizzard Shad

​Customer Requests

​Silver Foil Blow's

Green Tomato

Lucky Craft LVR D-30RT

​Strike King series 4's done in series 5 colors.

Brown Craw's

1940's Creek Chub Darters


Old rebel WeeR's and Rapala's refurbished.

Live Target Baitball Series

​Finished 4th in the third TBFC tournament of the year with big fish of 6.84 lbs. Was a tough and windy day.


Green Tomato

Glimmer Shad

​Chart. Sexy

Bone & Silver Vixen

Jitter bug's and Hulla popper

(New Color) ​Cracked Pepper Shad

Rat Bait




Very old topwater baits

​Old Hellbender redone.



Royal Red


Green Tomato

Rayburn Red

Sexy Shad

Bone and Silver. 

This pattern is expensive.

​#4 Shad raps

Bucca Bull Shad


Hawg Chow Custom Baits would like to congratulate Glen Harbin and Brad Street on there win of the Hamilton Machine (Employee Club Tournament) 8/15/16 on Old Hickory lake in middle Tn. 12.12 lbs and big fish also. Keep up the good work guys!!!

Bandit Flat Max


​​​Custom Lure Painting

​Your home for all things custom.

Rainbow Trout

"JP" Bad Bass

Rayburn Red

Ghost Red Craw

Trolling motor hubs.


Tennessee Pickle

Red Craw's

Bone Blow's

​Tournament winning color.

Citrus Shad

Even More Green Tomatoes

​Bleedin Gizzard Shad

Castaic Boyd Duckett BD Glide in Tennessee Herring